Semi Trailer Products

Flatbed b-link semitrailer

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Our semi-trailers are of European quality and have European approval certificates.
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Our company is very skilled in semi-trailer production. For example; Inloader glass semi trailer produces three or four companies in the world. One of them is us. Another example; Sidelifter semi trailer can produce five or six companies in the world. One of them is us.
We produce special products with high quality. The price is also affordable.
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INLOADER | Heavy Glass | Cement Concrete Precast | Transport Semi trailer

We produce inloader semi trailer from 2 axle to 4 axle. We provide 6130 Kg with 4 supports, with 3 axles, hydraulic gooseneck. Inloader glass traileris produced with aluminum, fiberglass and S355J2 + N quality black sheets. For details, visit our manufacturer’s (Gurlesenyil Trailer) web page. click here


Lowbed, low loader, lowboy semi trailer from 2 axle to 8 axle. From 20 ton capacity to 150 tons carrying capacity. Hydraulic steering, hydraulic side expansion, front loading, folding gooseneck.

Fuel TANKER Trailer

Fuel tanker trailer from 2 axle to 4 axle. We can produce elliptical, ellipsoidal or optional type tanker semi trailer from aluminum or black sheet material. We have ADR compatible tank production.

Flour, wheat or cement semi trailer from 2 axles to 4 axle. We can produce V type or W type or optional type cement silo trailer from aluminum or black sheet material.

TIPPER Semi trailer

Our Tipper semi-trailers have several variants.

Half pipe (Pool Type) Tipper Semi-trailer (Usually 24 m³ pool bottom for excavation transport 4 mm on the sides 4 mm HB-450 quality Hardox, Raex or equivalent wear sheet is optional. Back cover is hydraulic.)

– Box Dump semi-trailers (This type of tipper semi trailers are for general purpose use in the world. In terms of shape, BOX with the edge support.)

– Scrap Tipper Semi-trailers (Scrap tipper semitrailer with accordion-shaped side covers made of HB450 wear steel to be used for scrap transportation purposes.)

– Side Tipping Semi Trailers (Used for unloading to the side area in various loads.)

– Half pipe, pool type ISOLATED Tipper Semitrailers (In cold countries, in order to prevent the cooling of the hot asphalt mixture, it is covered with a second layer of 100 mm thick insulated material on the outside of the pool. General capacity suitable for excavation is 24 m³ long type pool, pool floor is made of 4 mm sides 4 mm HB 450 quality Hardox, Raex or equivalent wear sheet. Back cover is hydraulically preferred. Used with automatic tent.)

FLATBED Semi trailer

These semi trailers have several variants.
– Flatbed Semi-Trailer (Without Cover, Platform)
– Flatbed semi trailers with cover (Usually for 13600 mm length, general use)
B-link Semi-trailers (used as a train)
– Semi-trailers used for forest. Wood log for transport.
– Platform trailers that can be extended. Used to transport long solid loads. Semi-trailers that can be extended by 2 or 3 steps. Up to 45 meters. And with hydraulic steering axles. It will be very useful for you.
– Can be used with container locks. It can also be produced suitable for container transport.
– With 2, 3 or 4 axles or with double tires according to the capacity.
– With air suspension or steel suspension.
– You will prefer us with our cheap price policy and quality productions.
– Our material quality is S355J2 + N as standard. It is certified.
– We export to Europe at European standards and to 70 countries of the world.
– You can find general technical details below or contact us and ask for a quote. Let’s help you.
– Other than these products, our other products are as follows; Sidelifter (sideloader, selfloading container semi trailer), inloader (glass semi-trailers for transport), lowbed, low loader, tipper trailer, concrete mixer, cement transport trailer, lpg (liquid petroleum gas) transport trailer, fuel oil tanker, garbage transfer such as trailer, beam transport trailer.

SIDELIFTER “Sideloader” Container Semi trailer

Sidelifter, sideloader container semi-trailer are produced in various capacities. For example; With 2 axle, 3 axle or 4 axle. Double tire application can also be made. It is produced with extension and only the mechanism with hydraulic extension. In transport types, 1X40 Feet, 1X30 Feet or 2X 20 Feet containers can be carried. It has a maximum carrying capacity of 50 tons.

LPG Semi trailer

We are producing the capacities you want for LPG Semi Trailer. Hydrostatic tests are carried out by Tüv Austria. For LPG trailer sale, contact us and ask for a quote.