Glass Inloader

Inloader “Precast – jumbo Glass” Semi Trailer Technical Properties:

GLASS inloader Semi-trailer from MANUFACTURER. inloader for glass transport, semi trailer for glass transport

Float Glass Semi Trailer Capacity:

  • 2 Axle: 27500 Kg
  • 3 Axle: 35500 Kg
  • 4 Axle: 43500 Kg

(Maximum laden weight)


  • (GLT2)- 2 Axle Jumbo Glass Inloader Semi Trailer
  • (GLT3)- 3 Axle Jumbo Glass Transport Semi Trailer
  • (GLT4)- 4 Axle “Glass Inloader Semi Trailer”Option: Extendable Inloader semi trailer, with glass or prefabric transport. Option: Precast concrete beam inloaderOption: For Prefabric (Precast) concrete beam Inloader semi trailer (Open top) (Without awning)Option: Or Special Designe “customer focused”

Weight (Empty):

  • 6.400 Kg (for 3 Axle, with hydraulic gooseneck, aluminum wheel)

Axle Unit:

  • Special designe (2,3,4) x 12 tons (Turkish brand). air suspension

Tire Unit And Dimension:

  • (4,6,8) Unit 385/55-65 R 22,5″

“Glass”, “Precast Concrete beam” Inloader Semi Trailer Chassis:

  • Inloader semi trailer (Float Trailer or Prefabric- Precast) has been produced in welding constructions with gas metal arc welding as “box” crossing from high resistant steel considering overloads proper to capacity and intended usage.
  • Material quality standart is ST 52. and aluminum and fiber.

Extendable (Optionel):

  • Extendable Inloader semi trailer, float trailer, concrete beam
  • Extentable box type from edge. Exentable stage standart with 500 cm, reciprocal is the pneumatic lock system. Semi-trailer all Installation is inside the box and invulnerable.


  • Brakes system is used according to the standards EEC 97/12, double-circuit pneumatic, EBS, WABCO is brand.


  • It will be a private stand.

Total Length:

  • There will be an optional variable. “Standart: 7600 mm Platform” Weight:: 6400 Kg (for 3 axle, with hydraulic gooseneck)