These semi-trailers have several variants.

  • Flatbed Semi Trailers (Without Cover, Platform, Container)
  • Flatbed semi trailers with cover (Usually for 13600 mm length, general use)
  • B-link Semi-trailers (used as a train)
  • Semi-trailers used for forest. Wood log for transport.
  • Platform semi-trailers that can be extended. Used to transport long solid loads. Semi-trailers that can be extended by 2 or 3 steps. Up to 45 meters. And with hydraulic steering axles. It will be very useful for you.
  • Can be used with container locks. It can also be produced suitable for container transport.
  • With 2, 3 or 4 axles or with double tires according to the capacity.
  • With air suspension or steel suspension.
  • You will prefer us with our cheap price policy and quality productions.
  • Our material quality is S355J2 + N as standard. It is certified.
  • We export to Europe at European standards and to 70 countries of the world.
  • You can find general technical details below or contact us and ask for a quote. Let’s help you.
  • Other than these products, our other products are as follows; Sidelifter (self-loading container semi trailer), inloader (glass semi-trailers for transport), lowbed, low loader, tipper trailer, concrete mixer, cement transport trailer, lpg (liquid petroleum gas) transport trailer, fuel oil tanker semi trailer, garbage transfer such as semi trailer, beam transport trailer …
  • What is Superlink or B-link semi-trailer. There is products B-link Flatbed semi trailer for Finland. Two or more semi trailers are made in succession. Superlink, B-link can be made for various products. For example; Cement silo, tipper semi trailer, container or for other semi trailers. It is generally in demand for our flatbed semi-trailer products